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3D Manufacturing

It's hard to talk to anyone who is not excited about the possibilities that 3D printing may offer.  The opportunities range from being able to print out replacement parts for your appliances direct from the internet, the emergence of a whole new kind of design aesthetic that offers personalisation, tailoring and uniqueness, to advances in perfectly fitted and engineered medical devices that are tuned to your specific and individual needs and many others.

The prospect of bringing bespoke manufacturing into people’s homes and local communities is genuinely revolutionary.

But how do you build an industry that can compete worldwide?  What are the design freedoms on offer?  How do you build a new kind of supply chain? What are the products, services and intellectual property that will make it all a reality

We have been helping the Technology Strategy Board in the UK take a fresh look at the future of 3D printing.  We have recently designed an 18 month business innovation curricular (what’s that?!) that will help consortia of the UK’s best 3D printing companies build competence, skills and commercially facing propositions that will change the landscape and mind set of the 3D printing community in the UK - and possibly beyond too.

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