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Channel 4

Channel 4 Education invited firsthand to collaborate with Maverick TV in delivering a new service aimed at encouraging and increasing entrepreneurial behaviour among teenagers. Our job was to answer the question "what exactly should this new form of educational service look, feel and behave like..?"

Teens are a tricky audience to engage with. Especially when you're a bunch of adults creating an entirely new form of service for them. There are lots of bad ones out there!

Extensive user research with teenagers and our unique testing techniques uncovered the many red herrings and (wrong) assumptions about what this audience really wanted and needed. Initial ideas were something like 'Myspace meets Etsy meets World of Warcraft'. It wasn't. We discovered a suprising and entirely different proposition.

Furthermore we were able to identify exactly which elements were essential and exciting to end users, to guarantee attraction and adoption from the very beginning. We then synthesised our findings into the build strategy for the service which has now gone into development.

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