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In one of our favourite projects, firsthand carried out an in-depth programme for Pfizer to reveal the unmet needs and innovation opportunities within the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) market.

Recent research suggested that attitudes to smoking were shifting alongside the motivations for, and approaches to, quitting. In addition, the patents on Pfizer’s existing NRTs were about to expire, creating an urgent need to respond with a competitive new value proposition.

After analysing the behaviour and attitudes surrounding the quitting 'experience' across three continents, we identified distinct ‘quitting archetypes’, each with their own different goals and need states.

It turned out that the next big thing in NRT wasn't going to be Tutti Frutti flavoured gum. Oh no. We uncovered a major opportunity to reinvent the market and position Pfizer as the 'dependancy experts'. in response, we created an entirely new business model for them and devised the strategy for a whole new range of stop-smoking services and products.

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