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Reuters came to firsthand knowing that we could translate the changing needs of its customers into a compelling, competitive and value-added new proposition for its news and financial information services.

Our user needs research among professionals in New York and London, who were heavily reliant on financial and news services, focused on people's behaviour as information consumers. It transpired that innovation wasn't going to be 'quickest downloads to your mobile'. In reality, most people were desperate to become the central source of information (or 'hub' person) and, subsequently, be able to influence their peers and increase their credibility among colleagues.

By understanding this 'information economy' we identified the opportunities that went beyond traditional syndication. We then user-tested a range of customer-facing propositions around what a new service could look and behave like and figured out the critical ‘first launch’ elements and what could be brought online later on.

Our final strategy became a foundation guide for Reuters’ information services and was adopted by its other business innovation teams.

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